I’m Andy Silver

Mediator, Psychic & Comedian

You can’t solve a problem using the same level of thinking as when the problem was first created

~ Albert Einstein

Personal Coaching

My personal coaching incorporates my coaching and intuition specialties in NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Consulting Hypnosis and Spiritual Mediation and enables me to help you gain insight and achieve closure with your personal relationships, your workplace relationships and your deceased loved ones.

How Mediation Works

A mediator is a neutral third party who helps parties discuss difficult issues with the intent of arriving at a mutual agreement.

Parties in mediation create their own solutions with the help of the mediator. The mediator does not have any decision-making power over the outcome. The mediator facilitates the discussion and can coach the two parties separately about other perspectives on the conflict they are attempting to resolve.

A mediator facilitates:

Gathering information

Developing options to resolve each issue

Negotiating with the intent of resolving differences

Creating a solution that addresses each party’s “must haves”

Divorce & Government Mediation/Conflict Resolution

In-house mediation as well as onsite conflict resolution and communication skills

Hypnosis/NLP Coaching

Connect with a desired solution through a more resourceful state of mind instead of an old belief system which has kept you “stuck in the problem.”

Spiritual Mediation/Intuitive Readings

Fulfilling your desire for clarity and closure with a living relative, a deceased loved one or a workplace relationship


For fun, I perform stand-up comedy which I have enjoyed doing since 1999. I only write clean, family-friendly material.

Is Mediation Right for You?

Most people decide to use mediation in the hopes of resolving disputes without initiating a lawsuit.

It’s also common in many legal situations for attorneys and courts to mandate some type of informal dispute resolution. In these cases, mediation is a great solution. Some examples where mediation is a good fit are disputes involving:

  • divorce
  • real estate
  • personal injury
  • contract violations

It’s a common misconception that mediation is just a process where the parties involved talk with a mediator until they eliminate their hostilities and reach common ground. While this sometimes happens, it doesn’t always work this way.

As a minimum, most mediators follow the steps outlined here:

Step 1: Ground Rules
Once all parties have agreed to mediation, they meet with the mediator who introduces everyone, outlines the rules and goals of the mediation and encourages all parties to work toward a settlement.
Step 2: Parties Share Their Stories & Issues
Each party is afforded the opportunity to share their situation and the dispute involved without interruption.
Step 3: Joint Discussion of Issues
All parties are afforded the opportunity to respond to issues and the mediator helps to clarify those issues along with offering insights and possible solutions.
Step 4: Private Discussion and Analysis
The mediator holds private meetings with each party involved. These meetings involve the discussion of the strengths and weaknesses of each party’s situation and also allows the mediator to share offers from each party.
Step 5: Proposed Solutions
After the private discussions, the mediator reviews the proposed solutions with each party. This may involve adjusting or refining those solutions with additional private meetings.
Step 6: Agreements
If all parties involved reach an agreement, the mediator puts the agreement(s) in writing and has each party sign the agreement. If all parties don’t reach an agreement, the mediator will make recommendations for further mediation or other possible options going forward.


“Andy facilitated a meeting between two of our senior managers who had never had a good relationship for the past five years. After their hour-long meeting, these two men created a list of new behaviors that they have adhered to since that meeting two years ago.”

Vice President-Human Resources

“Andy Silver has the gift of creating safe containment and mutual rapport, even under the most difficult circumstances. He is a master at facilitation mediation.”

Leah Berne

Diplomate CG Jung Institute, Zurich Switzerland

“I am used to handling business contracts, so I could understand the math for our divorce. Andy skillfully facilitated us through the sensitive discussion points so we could draft a separation agreement. Then Andy referred us to an accounting professional who verified, especially for my spouse’s benefit, that our agreement was fair to us both.”

Research Scientist

What makes me a right fit for you?

In addition to drawing from natural gifts, I have over 20 years of successful relevant experience in helping families and organizations along with the following credentials:

  • Master’s Degree in Conflict Resolution from Columbia College, Columbia SC. (1999)
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – a 400-hour negotiations methodology from Spectrum Associates, Winston Salem, NC (1985-1987)
  • Certified Consulting Hypnotist, National Guild of Hypnosis (2009) – with 15 CEUs completed annually since 2009
  • Carolyn Deal’s Creative Change Hypnosis Training (40 hours) – Certified Hypnotist (1999)
  • Certified Silva Method- Spiritual Mediator (1984)
  • Certified Divorce Mediator by NC Dispute Resolution Commission (2001)
Andy Silver's Resolution Experts
Founded in 1999, ResolutionExperts has offices in Charlotte and Cornelius