A research scientist writes:
“I am used to handling business contracts, so I could understand the math for our divorce. Andy skillfully facilitated us through the sensitive discussion points so we could draft a separation agreement. Then Andy referred us to an accounting professional who verified, especially for my spouse’s benefit, that our agreement was fair to us both.”

A CPA and spouse says:
“Andy, thank you very much for your help. The service you provide is very helpful in a time of marital separation and helps to keep things civilized and fair.”

A family mediation participant writes:
“My husband and I contacted Andy Silver for a family mediation with his grown son,
recently returned from Iraq, in order to address some communication issues. The son’s mother, her boyfriend, his father, and I all attended. Andy facilitated the father and son in acknowledging their separate roles in the communication breakdown. This was a great gift to their relationship and to the success of the mediation experience. Family communication among all the adults and with our grown son improved significantly from then on, which has been almost two years now.”

Personal Coaching
Letter from a Social Worker in Charlotte:

“Hi Andy,

I would be happy to share my experience. In fact, I have been sharing with so many of my close friends how helpful the NLP session was for me. I experienced a sense of renewal and freedom after our session together. After our session I was sure I would run a successful marathon.

The guided imagery that was done in the session came back to me during my race, allowing me to accomplish my goal of completing the race and beating my old record. The session also gave me an opportunity to feel grounded about making a decision about my relationship. I no longer felt stuck, or confused. And to this very day I continue to use the tools given to me during the NLP session.

Feeling a sense of safety by the facilitator really allowed me to trust the process and to gain the highest good from my experience.

I felt that I regained my sense of self from that single session. Thanks.”

Leah Berne, Charlotte, NC Diplomate CG Jung Institute, Zurich Switzerland writes:
“Andy Silver has the gift of creating safe containment and mutual rapport, even under the most difficult circumstances. He is a master at facilitation mediation.”